Sifu Lopez

Sifu Lopez started his martial arts training in 1968 at the age of 13 in the Japanese Karate system of Kyo Ku Shin Kai (Mas Oyama style). He had reached the rank of 2nd Kyu (Brown Belt) when he became interested in Chinese Boxing or Kung Fu. In 1971, he joined his first Kung Fu kwoon and began studying the Southern Praying Mantis system - Kwong Sai Jook Lum. 

In 1972, Sifu Lopez heard that someone was teaching the Kung Fu art of Wing Chun in New York City. Until that time, no on was teaching Wing Chun in New York, and Sifu Lopez was very interested in learning that system. A friend in a martial arts store gave him a card from Master Chung Kwok Chow's Wing Chun School, located on Broadway near Canal Street in China Town. Sifu Lopez visited the school that day, was very impressed by what he saw and joined the next day.

In 1974, Master Chow closed his school and invited four students to continue their Wing Chun training via private lessons at a friend's school. After this, Sifu Lopez became one of Master Chow's assistant instructors in a school they opened in Queens, New York.

Unfortunately, due to family and job commitments, Sifu Lopez and Master Chow lost contact with each other for many years. During that time, Sifu Lopez studied Aikido in New York and continued to practice his Wing Chun on his own. In 1993, Sifu Lopez discovered that Master Chow was teaching Wing Chun in Midtown Manhattan and rejoined Master Chow's school.

In 1998, Sifu Lopez started teaching Wing Chun on Long Island under the guidance of Master Chow.